Emergency medical care

Emergency medical care is provided in the emergency department, where patients are received and registered, the relevant medical documentation is drawn up, a medical examination is carried out to establish the nature and severity of the disease, for subsequent hospitalization of the patient to a specific department and sanitary-preventive work. This leads to an accelerated work process. The provision of medical care in this center is not inferior to the international standards adopted in advanced countries abroad. In addition, there is a contract for the provision of emergency medical care to individuals and legal entities.

Clinic for medical care:

- works round the clock, without days off, holidays and breaks;

- renders emergency intensive and intensive care to adult contingent, regardless of the complexity of their condition;

- consists of qualified doctors and nurses of the highest and first category;

- has a 100% complete set of drugs, according to the established standards of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- equipped with the latest medical equipment "Dräger" (Germany): an artificial respiration apparatus and a kit for emergency medical care, semi-automatic defibrillator with a 6-channel ECG, pulse oximeter;

- if necessary, the patient is hospitalized in the inpatient department of the clinic. In the emergency department, medical services are provided for the following diseases:

- Chronic heart failure;

- Acute coronary syndrome;

- Recovery after acute myocardial infarction;

- Acute disorders of cerebral circulation;

- Acute and chronic bronchitis (COPD);