About us

EZGU NIYAT - is a modern, multidisciplinary medical center with a wide range of cardiological, angiographic, orthopedic, outpatient polyclinic services, rehabilitation inpatient care, highly qualified specialists from Europe, modern laboratory, diagnostic and medical equipment at the level of international standards.

A distinctive feature of EZGU NIYAT  the newest equipment of high accuracy and efficiency, the highest quality of services, qualified personnel, a special individual attitude to patients and the creation of the most favorable and comfortable environment for recovery.

Our goal is to provide medical services at a fundamentally new, high level, which have no analogues today in the Republic of Uzbekistan in cooperation with European clinics.

EZGU NIYAT will have a multi-functional activity to provide medical services in the following areas:

• Heart Surgery

• Angiosurgery

• Angiographic diagnosis (Coronary angiography)

•  General surgery

• Consultative clinic

• Clinical and laboratory diagnosis

•  Functional diagnostics

• Endoscopic diagnosis

• Outpatient examination and treatment

•  Hospital treatment

• Rehabilitation medical care

•  Emergency medical care

• Physiotherapy, exercise therapy, Ozone therapy

• Laboratory